04-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cant wait warmer weather costanza summer of george
cat personal trainers stretch out keyboard
teacher salsa 59 paper not as smart
kid asks why sounds hair clipper bedroom
socialism vs capitalism berlin wall which side run to
dogs door say something in front of phone google amazon facebook
remember acid rain thing decades
biden burying us dominance better planting trees
kids wear mask tested positive no symptoms
baby yoda posts not targeted glad reach one person
hard pill liberals to swallow government lied covid ukraine
epstein didnt kill himself but bud light did

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet npr how dare state affiliated media embarrass regime leak ignore
tweet bed stand up on own say to toddler boobs
tweet parents kids tired of telling no say yes
tweet bachelorette young attractive people ugly middle aged bad job

Quote of the Day

quote musk twitter 80 percent staff layoff glorified activist organization

Message of the Day

message everyone is normal until you get to know them

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