04-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda debit like gift card dont know how much on
dating after 40 thrift store least damaged item doesnt smell
now accepting applications sht faced patio book early
working from home laptop cat log still in spot
someone stealing my memes spread
ron paul matrix what if told you already didnt listen
when all conspiracy theories come true fans no autographs
conservative see minority american peer liberal racist underprivileged victim
liberal trust the science not boy girl
imagine arrested handcuffed cat sits on you
fbi spying churches nun ruler wrist
irs the birds inflation reduction act new irs agents

Open Your Heart to Those in Need

tweet elon must save a celebrity fund twitter 8 dollars

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet entrepeneur dreaming product life better politician regulations prevent
tweet sick of people mad half ruling class thinking other half save us
tweet sex late thirties cramps switch positions

Quote of the Day

quote boaz libertarianism tolerate socialist they cant tolerate libertarian

Message of the Day

message biggest communication problem listen to reply rather than understand

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