04-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda retire some day live off savings 2nd day
cleared some room freezer better polished pint ice cream
getting ready memorial weekend camping trip snow covered rv
angry lady smudge cat woman cook men prisoners fed by law
tucker leaving chains fox news towards free speech
us debt cant quit now keep digging to venezuela
facebook welcoming me new user skeletor my 216th account
who said it better negan irs want half your sht dont fight back
npc journalism impartial suggest otherwise dangerous msnbc cnn npr time google cnbc forbes
swerving potholes officer not drinking
john kerry celebrate earth day drive limo to private jet
tucker carlson obiwan strike me down become more powerful

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet everyone fighting battle dont know me complain loudly
tweet hgtv quote new cabinets real people
tweet not checking out husband looking dog
tweet dollar where phone is irs declaration

Message of the Day

message loyal not celebrating with you rock bottom

The Stupidity of the Biden Admin Knows No Bounds 🙄

tweet biden new fico mortgage fee structure good credit

Biden Raises Costs for Homebuyers With Good Credit to Help Risky Borrowers – Newsweek

message if stop asking government solve all problems realize is problem would be great
high mortgage rates adjustable seen this one back to future

Don’t You DARE Challenge The Ruling Class’s Puppet

tweet dnc no democratic debates 2024 biden not to be challenged

Democrats Rip DNC for Not Holding 2024 Debates
Big Money Donors Line Up Behind Biden as He Launches Reelection Bid

Quote of the Day

quote how long people been lied to everything catch up reality franklin jones

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One thought on “04-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The answer to last meme is: Could be never.

    Most people do not catch up with reality. Unthinking people will hold on to their delusions until reality slaps them in their face. If that does not work, reality will keep upping the consequences until the persons learns the lesson or dies.
    Sadly many alcoholics, drug addicts,trans people and cult woke would rather die than give up delusions. Happens every day. Because they hold their delusions more valuable than reality, truth, facts and reason, there is not much sane people can do to help them except telling them the truth and hoping it will sink in. Lying and playing along with their delusions will only make these people worse.

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