04-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

office dwight disney world kid 30000 lying around
tacos femine care not wrong store
baby yoda folding laundry naked nudist keep
curtains climbing gym for cats
facebook marked safe from being top of news feed
reelect joe biden made in china scooter
teacher divide 123 genders by white supremacy how much climate change
farley love of god stop sending money dont have corrupt ukraine
cnn media every maga terrorist insurrectionist except ray epps
patient nurse coma watch tucker with bud light
joe biden 4 years merrick garland hunter prosecuted pardom them

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet naked man planet fitness judgement free zone

Quote of the Day

quote if everyone thinking alike someone isnt thinking

Message of the Day

message doctor prescribes without asking diet sleep exercise drug dealer

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