05-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda ready to leave work 8 hours left
dog cat tail wagging likes
lady in streets netflix murder documentaries in sheets
angry lady cat smudge feel fat ugly compliment perfect eyesight
people think disturbed memes post holding back 95 percent
4000 years pyramids now pole government not matching bolts
make a wish two chicks same time skeletor
fox news joining npcs abc nbc cnn msnbc cbs
mayorkas border secure agents have to do usa
american patriots love country racist extremist ukraine liberal
joe biden 2024 lets finish the job wrecking ball scooter
fox news welcome to radical left flock cnn nyt msnbc wapo cbs sheep

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet way you say representative to automated system real you
tweet husband wife suck at life buddies
tweet dad rap horrible cant understand bruce springsteen

Message of the Day

message best stimulus abolishing income tax

Quote of the Day

quote why disrespecting government authorities cerebral liberty

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