05-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

parents pictures sears 80s marboro cigarettes
prefer yodas best duel not emperor dooku r2d2 perfection
dogs hit it bro light is gray driving
two hour meeting almost as good as single email
welcome home nice automatic cat feeder
i hate people not appropriate team building exercise
my family funeral heaven angle me hell fighting inventor taxes
who you gonna call someone breaking house diggers hotline
2040 food pyramid bugs synthetic protein
robot vacuum rich friend mine dog
new slogans dnc hiding with biden basement

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dangerous hippos omnivores just hate you
tweet ex sleep after sex orgasm didnt
tweet watch video teens 90s tech download internet

Quote of the Day

quote whitchorn case against censoring anything absolute nothing as bad as censorship itself

Message of the Day

message right bear arms protects from worst mass murderer government

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