05-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

raise in allowance kid wife what would you say you do here office space
baby yoda judge swear to tell truth choose dare
women happier with less attractive men study
texts wife invite out dinner dont date married women
dont care dies movie dog loves
biden buttigieg finish the job inflation border green corruption
joe biden pillow homer simpson finishing job america
late night tv shows where turn propaganda entertainment
hunter biden child support china big guy
scooby doo revel chat gpt really blippy paperclip

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet every bank collapse consolidate congress control digital
tweet go out 5pm friday husband have affair like other
tweet fun times food companies brag 100 % chicken
tweet target photo album pictures memory phone tech old

Quote of the Day

quote choose battles wisely too tired fight really important ones

Message of the Day

message respect right to hold beliefs themselves no inherent respect

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