05-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

snoopy homer simpson passed out house
cat button representative getting started morning
dog front seat problem back find another ride
4th little pigs house wolf skulls message
food shopping cart bying less 1990 - 2023
wolf attacks sheet observes remove own teeth for safety
liberal melissa fleming un google approved climate change
federal reserve auctions are us failed banks system sound
kamala harris ai czar going to die
usa drowning help biden anyone but trump policies

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet good day looking work screens home big little screens
tweet kid mom hidden talents sniff sugar nose
tweet toddler lots of energy mini trampoline stronger more agile

New Meme Gallery Added

Just for Fun Meme Gallery 14

Quote of the Day

quote hairston being called crazy victim culture compliment

Message of the Day

message we people told you joe biden disaster

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