05-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda dear autocorrect stop changing my bad words into nice one piece of shut
cat teacher class person allergic lap butt in face
spaceballs dark helmet last jedi star wars never play again
no wifi talk pretend 1995 ace ventura
woman bet guy bed thinking about other women band of demons fiddle devil went down georgia
negan how look post unfriended banned
media republicans democrats squirt gun fight reality working class
modern world single picture sheep fence
house hunters hate people dont entertain laundry

Question of the Day

question writers strike every leftist commentator nothing to say

Such Claims Will Still Get You “Fact” Checked on Facebook

chuck schumer new york banning gas stoves

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet massie disinformation misinformation info people in power prefer cant access or share
tweet not lose at mario kart self esteem dad
tweet youth sports taught kids dcks parents
tweet hear baby crying only gets worse

Quote of the Day

quote vince vaughn older get less trust government running anything

Message of the Day

message monday it is do this we must minion yoda

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2 thoughts on “05-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Congressman Massey,
    I thought that’s what they’re feeding us and what we’re supposed to be repeating like good little sheepepole.
    Is it not facts, verifiable data, and rationale conclusions they want to suppress?

  2. I had a free rental from Redbox, and saw The Last Jedi with it. I still feel like I wasted my money. Ever since, I have promised to never give Disney another penny.

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