05-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

beetlejuice my page people didnt look at posts friended me
burglar dog downloading doberman bark
wife happily enjoying serial killer documentaries taking notes baby yoda
dog stick right there gps
alt accounts facebook can ban me but not all of me
office space what you do here fbi domestic terrorists arrest
phone call scam likely joe biden kamala harris
dc friend evil exorcist book bay drawer
mommy lady pronouns insane stay away from
tucker carlson fox news ghost reveal cnn
leftists explaining hispanic white supremacist

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet charge overnight hours 10 60 perrcent battery
tweet cat sleep scream knock counter no reason
tweet raise children dystopian times wife raising dragon slayers actual dragons time

Quote of the Day

quote prakash willing abandon principles social costume

Message of the Day

message follow the science silenced

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4 thoughts on “05-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

    • It wasn’t a meme. It was a joke or if done in real life, a practical joke.

      He’s scaring his friend by making him think the evil book came back from its watery grave to haunt him, hence putting the new book in water before putting it in his desk.

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