05-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs cats treats nothing shaking sitting lying
baby yoda what friends baby looks like
how it feels eat someone on phone wall
charlie brown scooby cousin edible
anakin padme account restriction facebook learned lesson
home mat where ho and me come together
lorena bobbitt gender affirming care
cigarette lighter scars to prove it
mainstream media hollywood mass disinformation credit to public schools
joe biden kamala harris if only blame writers strike
convert tucker carlson burned at stake wokeness

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kid dad watched tv kid wood ipad screen
tweet next job lie having kids leave anytime
tweet after math biden banking disasters every powerful institution chicks with dcks

Message of the Day

message baby yoda good mood balloon one price ruin it

Quote of the Day

quote cs lewis education without values more clever devil

Note to Regular Followers

If you do a Google search on any current event or a favorite issue of the leftists such as climate change, you can be sure the top sources returned are dying news propaganda sites such as the New York Times, or ratings-challenged ones such as CNN or MSNBC, while conservative ones such as DailyCaller.com, BreitBart.com and Townhall.com are buried in rankings. It’s gotten so bad that you can’t even find sites with millions of regular visitors unless you specifically search for them. Google’s original search algorithm was based on popularity, such as people bookmarking the site or adding URL links to it within other websites, but now they clearly adjusted them based on their own leftist-programmed social credit scores. If you doubt me, trying doing some of your own searches on climate change, Covid, Hillary Clinton suspicious deaths, whatever. You’ll see results similar to the Facebook “fact” checkers that use posts to spew leftist talking points even on articles that are clearly opinion or hyperbole.

I personally have noticed this change in Google search algorithms. I’ve worked in I.T. for 25+ years, so I’m very familiar with how search engines work on non-political sites. A few years ago my search traffic was high enough that 1/3 of my hits came from new visitors using search engines. Since then, while the site has grown in popularity, my search traffic has fell off a cliff. The search engine DuckDuckGo.com, which controls only .52% of the market, now accounts for double the hits of Google. In fact, Google, Bing, and Yahoo together acccount for about 75% of hits from DuckDuckGo. Microsoft’s Bing has half the hits of Google, despite being only 2.8% of the market. Three years ago Facebook delisted my page and its 60,000+ followers without a single warning or appeal opportunity. Obviously, I was labeled as an eeeeeeeeevil libertarian/conservative site, or as Facebook described in its termination email, “hate speech,” even though I never once advocated violence or used a racial slur. All I did was share joke memes. Google has now done the same kind of blacklisting. Almost all my site traffic is now from returning visitors.

So, a big THANK YOU to my regular followers. If you want to help the site and counter the blacklist, here are a few things you can do:

* Add a Bookmark or Favorite for the site to your browser if you haven’t already. If you have a website of your own, please add URL links to it where you can. Also, occasionally add your comments to daily posts. All these things help increase search rankings; at least they did before Google added its blacklisting code.

* Spread word of the site through social media or good old fashioned word of mouth.

* Occasionally click on ads. I know, I know — you’ll get targeted ads if you do, but you’re going to get ads on other websites regardless of what you do. Almost all websites nowadays use some kind of Adsense. In other words, we don’t pick the ads. Big Tech shares your search/click history so other sites can tailor them to you personally. That is why when you search a product on Amazon, you suddenly see ads for related items all over the web & social media sites. Note: I only run ads on this site to cover hosting and other costs. I could earn a lot of cash by using annoying pop-ups and sticky ad posts that block content, but I didn’t start this website for profit and refuse to disrupt the easy browsing & load time currently in place.

BTW, I’m sure many of you noticed that I’ve started adding back political memes. It’s a big F-U to Big Tech for their blacklisting the site despite a switch to mainly non-political humor. And despite my never watching or visiting “news” sites, it’s nearly impossible to get away from current events. Non-stop propaganda has seeped into every facet of media, including the sports & financial channels I frequent.

quote google blacklisting sites program humanity
message how truth told facebook blocks twitter deletes google hides youtube bans media censor government bans
search engine market share

Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery 5

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15 thoughts on “05-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Thank you so much for the daily humor to help us all get through our days. Memes get through to my teenagers and help me explain stuff to them with humor to keep up with current events!

  2. Hi, Joe! Try the new Freespoke search engine. Even DuckDuckGo turns up MSM sites first.
    And I joined Twitter and it’s lots more fun since Musk bought it. I always support you on RushBabe49.com. Cheers!

    • I use DuckDuckGo – at least they’re… “honorable” in their mission. However, the reason they still turn up MSM links is because they do use some of Bing’s APIs, which does limit their effectiveness.

      I tried Freespoke a while ago and I found it difficult to use – the search results didn’t seem to find much in the way of technical information (my primary use for a web search utility) and seemed to be geared around current events and political news. I’m not saying that that is bad – if that’s what folks are looking for at least you can access uncensored information through them – but an example of one of my use cases would be when you need to know what options are available for Mumps programming languages on a Raspberry Pi. For highly technical searches, there are better resources out there. 🙂

  3. I’ve enjoyed your site for years. Maybe you’ll end up joining the rest of the famous n’er-do-wells such as Tucker, Musk, Bongino, etc.
    Thanks for the work you put in

  4. This is my morning “go to” site. I’m gonna be more active in spreadin’ the word!
    Thanks for the daily dose of humor amid realism!

  5. My day isn’t complete until I check out site. Got you bookmarked already and share your memes with friends and family. I now know what more I can do to keep your memes going. Thank you so very much for your time, effort, and creativity.

  6. I come here every day for a good laugh and already have you bookmarked. Thanks for the effort, Joe.

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