05-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat tree condo out of price range box came in
i survived free range parenting kid bike ramp
baby yoda exercise these days shaking head disbelief
england obsession royalty tiktok kardashian
gun rights government hand over threat
americans scraping car parts groceries biden doing good job
what people think killer clown looks like it really fauci
biden son done nothing wrong instructions ag garland
end of title 42 border national guard voter registration democrat
joe biden high chair house debt limit bill refusal compromise more youthful

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet husband fell safety excitement insurance claim
tweet are you home know more answer
tweet men women trans deserted island skeletons

Don’t Worry, We Can Trust Big Tech 👍

terminator rise of ai incompetent kamala harris
property us government spy equipment pointed at americans
ai conversation voting trump 2024 politics biden

Daily Wire Co-CEO Reveals Secret Cancel Blitz Against Matt Walsh, Brett Cooper, Michael Knowles

Message of the Day

message sign stop using government force belief on others

Quote of the Day

quote richard feynman rather questions no answers cant be questioned

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2 thoughts on “05-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Stop using government to commit the crimes you know would be illegal if YOU did them…like theft, fraud, and murder. But then what would be left for government to do?

  2. BLOWHARD Frump’s refusal to debate shows he is an effeminate bass hole. It is also as swamp-friendly as you can get. The swamp does not want the public to hear attacks on Frump from the right.

    The swampy networks, from CNN to FOX never once since Frump became president until now has slammed Frump for railing about “draining the swamp,” but never draining the swamp by a man or a dollar AND being too chicken feces to even put out a plan.

    Frump had cover … the same cover the swamp got. Hmm …

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