05-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

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gym guy machine impress ladies atm lobby
people saying dogs cant fly
not going to lie always rooted for coyote
kentucky derby amish nascar
zombie apocalypse sign 14 year old girls humans
eyes pried open me not letting lefties ignore biden sht show
dog veternarian doctor patient confidentiality
biden all electric military tell enemy stop shooting recharging
if hypocrisy was a person loyalty lebron james
border is secure to biden white house no press access
tucker calson deep state moe barney bar
cnn pretend ask trump question talk over you know everything

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tweet tsa empty your pockets dad cargo shorts
tweet vitamin sugar water college healthy
tweet who wants see joe biden townhall tucker carlson

Message of the Day

message past where learn lesson future where applyQuote of the Day

quote feynman knowledge isnt free pay attention

Random Thoughts of the Day

liberal aunt jemima land o lakes uncle bens bud light

The owner of Bud Light (AB InBev), the mainstread media, and most of the corporate world are all still in shock at how much sales and the Bud brand have suffered from a small transgender ad campaign. In isolation, yes, it would indeed be an overreaction. In a normal world, I doubt it would have even been noticed or cared about by beer drinkers. The ferocious reaction is a result of so much more….it is the dam bursting from years of Woke culture being shoved down our throats in virtually EVERYTHING we see in our daily lives — movies, TV, comedy, streaming series, education, “news” media, PC corporate policies, sports social justice rants, advertising, divisive politicians, and on and on. People are sick of it! And that includes much of the Left, who often believe the nonstop PC wokeness bombardment distracts from the issues they really care about. The backlash is a message — enough already! I, like 90% percent of people out there, don’t give a sh*t how people live their lives. Let me live mine without being preached to every waking hour!

soon smut gender school library book
netflix unnecessary gay character any new series
dahl department of wokeness rewrites charlie chocolate factory 1984 next
woke bank atm esg insured slot machine casino

Bud Light Stock Downgraded by HSBC Amid Plummeting Sales and Branding ‘Crisis’
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One thought on “05-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Your commentary hit the nail on the head. Live and let live but don’t shove this crap down our throats 24/7. I think the Bud Lite debacle pushed people over the edge. A trans spokesperson trying to look like Audrey Hepburn is just wrong on so many levels. I know a lot of people that don’t even watch the new tv shows because of this, you can’t get away from it. Thank you for speaking out.

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