05-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog vs cat pep talk can do it get sht together
husband therapist something nice wife mentally ill normal
bite salad pizza slices balanced
me every meeting that could have been email
nsa national security agency proof government listens to people
parents pirate ship swearing drinking sparrow
bernie sanders income book shield evil capitalism socialists
there is no need for climate change protest in china because theyre already communist
mainstream media lied about everything however ukraine coverage all true
sportsfan she has been estrogen for 6 months
only ones not involved russian collusion trump and russians
trump framed fbi report phony dossier media la la la msnbc cnn npr cbs

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet never hopped on call trudged begrudgingly webcam prison
tweet clickbait texts friends to respond
tweet nonsmokers break scream instead smoke

Message of the Day

message look back life mistakes pain mirror strength learned lessons

Quote of the Day

quote books writing terror those suppress truth soyinka

Another Day, Another Another Feat of Woke History Engineering

netflix queen cleopatra worst rotten tomatoes score history

It’s Absurd to Say Masks Dehumanize People 👌

japanese paying experts teach smile covid masks

25 Arguments Against Perpetual Mask Mandates for Covid

Question of the Day

question liberal politicians tread this bad armed what disarmed

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2 thoughts on “05-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I look forward to seeing Politically Incorrect in my in-box. We all need a smile and a chuckle. Fortunately, I’m a Conservative American, so I can take a joke!
    What’s better than a meme that tells an entire story?

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