05-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tape measure foot of sun not going to work
wife in one ear out the other husband
1960s tv remote change channel beer voice command kids
dog begging food trust the process
no girl planet earth love more than you other
democrat poker hand race gender victim hoax
sponge bob 2023 kids cages different this time democrats
friends comments section dont agree scrolling problems with you people
can woman make man millionaire yes if billionaire
mainstream media biden umbrella border energy durham corruption
durham report biden old news 51 intel officials
babylon bee dad punishes son sports illustrated swimsuit martha stewart

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweets george soros magneto comparison
tweet dad became doctor show other parents
tweet men commitment issues barber sports team its you

Quote of the Day

quote augustine truth like lion set free defend itself

Message of the Day

message all ancestors gone through survive doubt yourself

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