05-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

struggling parent cured going miss days
noahs ark unicorns repopulate earth greg arnold
sign not 10 two 5s held by queso
walmart low price bud light just take them
history books censorship times used for good different now liberal
united states before after joe biden border
group photo everyone bernie sanders lifted out of poverty
babylon bee cnn excavator bury durham report
liberals when someone other than straight white man does shooting blindfolded
fox news audience leaving tucker carlson
joe biden fiscal irresponsibility yuan global currency debt default

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet weekends battle get work done recharge nothing guilty
tweet love seeing fear peoples eyes reject social norms
tweet kids up wife asleep on,y guard psychiatric wing

Quote of the Day

quote jay z we change people through conversation not censorship

Message of the Day

message embrace who you are trash raccoon

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