05-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

weird al jankovic legend pictured paul mccartney
americans cant drink age 20 german kids
became pilot to overcome fearing dying alone
1950 flying cars 2023 subway do not eat wrapper
costanza giving up summer god embracing what you got
irs bazooka border patrol biden crisis
media diagram firearm race blame white people
first amendment sharing memes friends 2nd when stop
gop biden drowning debt raise the ceiling
mlk king judge not by color of skin biden white supremacy democrats threat to democracy
joe biden hemorrhaging black voters commencement 2023 howard

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet roomba past garbage without picking up family
tweet preheat oven temperatures clock
tweet wife overheard kids decorate house sleeping shifts

Quote of the Day

quote bruce lee more value things less value ourselves

Note to Website Followers

I deleted my Twitter account after the whole “Use Jan 6th as cover to mass censor conservatives” campaign. Now that Elon Musk has purged most of the liberal fascists posing as employees, I’ve created a new account. I’m not sure how much I will post since I already have the website, but I may occasionally retweet or put up an extra meme. Feel free to follow me at .

Message of the Day

message some of you go to church dont want hell with me

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