05-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hope email find you well mailbox possum
far side 50 stories up should i push coworker off
sign wife not counting calories figures to prove
coming to work groundhog day sht show again
old new tv sets set down carefully break table
barista 30 percent tip ipad microwaved croissant
morning post normal social media minute own banks media hollywood
joe biden nielsen nothing to see here inflation stock market collapsed bank
establishments priorities mypillow guy before single person epstein black book

Quote of the Day

quote seneca unhappy never face adversity

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet gen x mad records tapes cds mp3s pay listen to grunge
tweet dating mature guy apologize anger
tweet lessons since 2019 4 lives
tweet nc governor state of emergency gop tax cuts

Seems Legit 🤔

uhaul truck flag arrested fbi photo op

Message of the Day

message first rule gun safety never give guns government

Re-Elect Biden So We Can Complete the Transformation

republicans limit save debt limit democrats sink nobody rescued
hugo chavev venezuela gdp when took over

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