05-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda knew 20s season one severely underfunded writing team
water ikea assemble hydrogen oxygen
michael jordan lebron james ring tosses
cats what we say what they hear nothing
fetterman casual friday but its only thursday
fbi deep state ship 7th floor
kamala harris border ai head security czar skynet
sports illustrated swimsuit grandma drag queens activists
babylon bee biden finally draws larger crowd trump border

Raise the Debt Ceiling So False Flag/PsyOps Division Gets More Funding

writers strike even affecting feds uhaul

Maybe if they add some unicorns to the photo op it would make it more believable? 🤔

One-Sided Chicken Little Screaming

Is there ONE SINGLE mainstream media “journalist” who can actually provide a shred of balance to the debt ceiling discussion? Instead of all their breathless, panic acting about a debt default if we don’t raise the ceiling, maybe they should at least mention in passing the size of the national debt, the amount we’re adding every year, and the cost of interest now and in the near future? 🙄 Or possibly bring on ANY economist not named Paul Krugman, Janet Yellen, or Robert Reich who will explain the associations between debt, the money supply, and inflation?

national debt democrats republicans kicking can down road children
democrats choice pay people not to work default debt
george costanza not lie if you believe joe biden blameless us defaults on debt
babylon bee janet yellen economics for dummies

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet gray hair eyesight loses mario kart kid hospice
tweet never wanted herd immunity herd mentality
tweet daughter hugged husband best parent ever had

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Quote of the Day

quote grandchildren reward not strangling teenager

Message of the Day

Just a reminder to “Do the Opposite.”

message baseball card george costanza rated rookie opposite

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One thought on “05-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I remember as far back as when they used to talk about “balanced” budgets. Yeah, even then it was a lot of smoke and mirrors and parlor tricks, but at least they talked about it.

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