05-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

the dude plans for weekend robe
edibles hit at once m and m
havent left room days vampire socialize cage
dog meal ticket dont die on me now choking
women starting to miss toxic masculinity liberal manbun hipster liberal
gas from cows not dangerous bs from politicians
purchasing 1984 book vs living it for free
fauci nose growing more fibs long covid
democrats 2024 strategry no signature voter id biased media trump
voters excited being bribed with own money
russiagate bought bridge fbi democrats
bernie sanders america like sweden minimum wage incoherent commie noises
camp lejune bottled water passes bud light monthly sales

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet thatcher socialism classless society powerful and powerless
tweet love language leaving dms cat dead bug
tweet not drinking woman window wine if she having

Rich Liberals Summarized in One Post

nba stephen curry social justice champion oppose low income housing

Quote of the Day

quote dettlebach atf director not firearms expert

Message of the Day

message nobody reads 5000 page bills slip in term limits

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