05-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sleeping next someone love sleep depression live longer pizza
seinfeld mickey top contributor posting memes comments all of you nothing
would do anything for kids plate cold dead hands
bernie sanderz third lakefront property evils wealth capitalism
hangover grocery receipt 800 dollars
count on me gives reality check instead telling what want to hear
jackson me listening small talk new world order pulp fiction
scroll rich already pay fair share government spending out of control
shamwow ukraine flag easily absorbs your money
customer always racist ceo woke america

Social Media Posts of the Day

fb 3 years ago saving all kinds lives music kids containers
tweet life balancing why not invited how to get out of
tweet sick drunk me awkward situations sober me deal with

Quote of the Day

quote tardy people can change you cant change them

Message of the Day

message someday disease will take your dreams to grave with you

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