05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mother after show collection seinfeld memes see psychiatrist
bird potty training wire hit car next time
rip yellowstone so many people not enough train stations
kermit someone update whats offensive today
raiders of lost arc empty promises of free shit my rights statue
biden mccarthy debt deal best we can do same old thing
moms stopping basics clothing shoes target
banks single mother overdraws account dollars risk management bailout
biden 46 greatest spectacle corruption china ukraine romania
mayor adams ny sanctuary city buck stops over there

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet athletics single season win record
tweet feel like sht flashlight tells bad news phone
tweet stop blaming everyone pick one person
tweet dont talk internet strangers all friends are now

Quote of the Day

quote nation only remain land of free only so long home of the brave davis

Message of the Day

message best way honor fallen soldiers stop creating more of them

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