06-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

beer when finish 4 minute task putting off 4 weeks
me realtor dog explaining never own home
sum of see no evil hear no evil speak no evil monkeys on phone
seeing group under umbrella pool aliens dont visit
democrat republicans fault all equally worthless
me memes that put me on government list cat
house republicans debt agreement 87000 agents trojan horse mccarthy
farley steele dossier credible hunter laptop not mainstream media
everyone cat social media marketing june
taxpayers mccarthy biden cown bill debt deal

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet word of day latibulate hide corner reality back
tweet married foreplay euphemism sex asking chore
tweet flew spirit no doctor on board

Quote of the Day

quote maxwell people become educated cant control them dont surrender

Message of the Day

message if excites and scares might be good to try

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One thought on “06-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Hi! Love this site!

    “Educated” quote is partly false.

    Education makes many people proud, and therefore EASIER to manipulate & control.

    Everyone can fall for manipulation, so we need to be vigilant. To think. To question.

    And to not be so sure we are immune to propaganda, hidden truths & such.

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