06-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda lord thank you job lottery plans amen
sometimes need to make wtf face and move on with our lives
work like bank account phone number 911
sponge bob conceal carrying someone yells this is robbery
days without biden falling reset the clock
walt disney bambi remake
new word mccarthy kevin mcuniparty
biden chased sandbag
explain gap resume posting memes accelerate awakening human consciousness
kindergartners learn abcs public school gay today
mccarthy squirt gun government spending biggest cut history
post meme friend shares ban fbi agent drinks bud light

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jurassic park most realistic disaster movie same thing over
tweet motherhood messy hair care lower standards
tweet tectonic plates africa south america cigarette

Quote of the Day

quote person says cant be one shouldnt interrupt person doing it

Message of the Day

message confidence find dont like me

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