06-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dad ice cream nap beach glasses
longer live aliens use planet insane asylum
male human infant chasing cat pursuit adult life
taught dog shake martini
tax base retail stores leaving crime woke cities tax base shrinking
biden presidential seal falling
liberal demand huge quantities weapons ukraine ban guns usa
define woke woman
twilight zone federal agents white supremacists lack
changing terminology obama biden migrant trump kids cages
biden harris fall helped cia fbi liberal media news
f capitalism liberal rainbow buy product

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet waffle house pulls pwn gun safe
tweet parent rich full life kids broke exhausted because of
tweet lifealert joe biden call
tweet dog bedtime routine sleeps hisband spot

Quote of the Day

quote plato good people dont need laws tell them act responsibly

One of MANY Government-Big Tech Partnerships

tweet uk government bbc google facebook covid lockdown dissent telegraph

Message of the Day

message no such thing gay rights individual rights special favors from government society

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    • Hey Thomas, I’ve been posting 10-15 memes daily as usual. If u aren’t seeing that many, there is some kind of technical problem. Thanks.

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