06-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu baby yoda tell someone stupid wisdom chasing you
talents sleeping eating annoyed making awkward
bears cops pretending not smoking weed
bought property mine now property tax yes actually no
office whiteboard imagine watching shtshow government these people should run life
what people think taxes like roads actual furnace
child gifted letters lets go brandon
homer simpson male athletes terrible sports
archie bunker meathead guns taliban gun control
lebron james tune stunt double tough
know doesnt allow same sex marriage ukraine
i love new york border threat just got worse canada smoke

Message of the Day

message winning looks like dog tshirt

Quote of the Day

quote orwell literally wrote book warn

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dad helping algebra when use now
tweet date me single tinder tred failed mysterious sword stone
tweet stop spending money basic necessities

Question of the Day

question why everything free socialism need other peoples money pay for

Keep Printing Money and Running Up Debt 👍

1980 basket groceries home

Goldman Sachs expected the Turkish lira to plunge over 3 months. It happened in just 3 days. Inflation near 40%.

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