06-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

life hard installing car seats children harder
easy on kids laser tag start blasting
use gender neutral pronouns jesse btch breaking bad
soviet tshirt liberal capitalism apple mcdonalds
democrats america so intolerant shoving down throats porn trans drag queeens schools woke corporations
news white house peaceful record breaking illegal immigration
watch out waterfall conspiracy theorist source tinfoil hat
leftists greedy corporations rainbow
democrats trump supporters existential threats basket of deplorables
minnesota illegalpalooza 2023 immigrants
prettiest girl gender neutral bathroon herman munster
biden theory of gravity bubble wrap
babylon bee mulvaney blackmailing corporations endorse products
trump was president could declassify biden vp senator could not
congress dc whats causing smoke burning through taxpayer money

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet treadmill dreadmill kid saying wrong
tweet dont know parenting maybe blood oath
tweet when globalist parasites enslave world awareness month

Quote of the Day

quote musashi truth not want to be bend power live lie

Message of the Day

message ignore government health advice end up healthier

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