06-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bed pets running late gridlock
grogu had dream at work better get paid for
kermit none of you posting pictures first day summer school
ben stiller zoolander apples 3500 augmented reality wilson 20 dollars mushrooms
clown makeup end oil pipelines nuclear power green energy lights
biden bribery justice department say smoke coming from canada
high school had smoking section sure grandma bed
peter parker school choice death sentence public
guns every military earth americas office whiteboard problem youd know it
justin trudea canadian suicide promotion hotline
newsom desantis small pathetic man
indiana jones regime biden psyops switch different

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet remember hillary clinton classified documents illegal server
tweet cohen government untrustiworthiness yourselves
tweet be reason therapist reevaluates career
tweet favorite team losing badly daughters

Quote of the Day

quote cookie monster live in moment

Message of the Day

message stop worrying other people think met them awful

Lesson of the Day

lesson explaining deep subject evidence provide contradict cognitive dissonance

Never Forget the Recommendations of Our “Science” Overlords

remember when defeat respiratory virus exercising outdoors basketball hoops

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3 thoughts on “06-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. We joke about Memes saving the world. The reminders of the stupid things they did to fight Covid need to be kept under people’s noses forever.

  2. Memes are the only true journalism remaining in USA. All the major and most local ‘news’ companies have been bought up and taken over by same Globalist corporations that control the politicians.
    News media was suppose to be ‘voice of the people’, holding corporations and politicians accountable. Now news media is the voice of the corporations and politicians.
    The Indiana Jones meme sums it up nicely. Instead of giving the public actual useful news and information, corporate media just rotate different psyops day after day.

  3. Knowing everything the government does to us when we have weapons, imagine what they would do to us if they could take them all away.

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