06-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign takes village raise child also distillery
letting everyone know heterosexual praise courage bravery
wish family took pictures lotr save time therapist
gray pride old tired get off our lawn
blue car driver high tractor
math for dummies checkout 50 dollars
strategy social media attention cry strip
communist revolution military dictatorship months
let children be whatever liberal conservative
lotr my money cast ukraine destroy republians yes
woke companies what inspired change logo rainbow money facebook microsoft levis
cia what do you do here mainstream media
maga hat love country racist extremist ukraine patriotic
banana republic no need campaign political opponents indicted

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet requiem for dream fridge high chasing
tweet jump off bridge friends my idea leader
tweet social security card dont laminate last forever

Don’t Mess with Their Fake Issue

mainstream media climate change wildfires despite multiple arsonists

Quote of the Day

quote harry browne compassion confiscate your money give someone else

Message of the Day

message some things dont work out you deserve better

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