06-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kid historical fiction period 80s 90s
stop inventing new slang trying not be grandma
cat reading vacuum book before bed
trump shining spotlight republican uniparty rinos
reporter say biden americans question ability serve watch me fall
liberals why conservatives anti government all debating skills
liberal npcs diversity is our strength alike pride flags
green is the new red communism climate change hammer sickle
james comer wall fbi biden 10 percert corruption classified documents
tucker carlson twitter ratings fox news off air
joe jill biden piles cash breaking bad
woke corporations why dont use pride logo middle east units
biden 2024 weaponized department of justice trump tank

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet president trump charged crime media wont air response
tweet son throw rocks outfield not in rules
tweet kids today dont know true fear furby singing 3am 90s
tweet me as kid adult do what i want

Quote of the Day

quote harry truman america not built fear courage imagination do job

Message of the Day

message mlk whiteboard calling someone privileged white judging color skin

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