06-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

last thing vegan cat owners see fall cant get up
dog grooming van cut a bitch
lebron james season over time recruit more superstars
did just kiss laptop webcam say goodnight mr fbi men
patriots then kill you sleep christmas now infringe vote so hard
liberals military waste foreign aid corrupt bureaucracy corporrate welfare wealth pay everything drowning
yoda communism never tried soviet mind of child
government knows best gas cars mobile devices dryers product mandates bans
emily girls football team transphopic rules
biden maga extremists want lower inflation gas prices border energy independent
kermit keep weapons out of mentally ill dont elect into office
2024 armed wrestling championship classified trump biden
when trans woman buy you bud light not falling for banana in tailpipe

I’m Shocked, SHOCKED I Tell You!!!

network coverage of trump indictment compared to biden allegation bribery

Totally Legit πŸ‘Œ

tweet musk esg scores tesla vs phillip morris

Social Credit Scores & ESG – What Are They and Why Are They Loved By the World Ruling Class?

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet amash democrats republicans plan increase national debt trillions
tweet wife two pieces cake backseat driving

Quote of the Day

quote brand people say system works work for system

Message of the Day

message once ruin reputation can live total freedom

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One thought on “06-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Neo U Con Slider
    The Zelenskyy provider
    Joe is a hole, the hole is Joe
    Verves on the kiddies
    Likes little bit tease
    The hole is Joe, Joe is a hole
    The swamp ducking loves him
    He’s the pirate with the rum
    Joe is a hole, the hole is Joe

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