06-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if need me 3 missed calls 4 text messages away
swingset broken moment realize childhood is over
cant believe listen nowadays push it me so horney
judge defendant realizing exposing illegal stuff government
1+1=2 liberal source
those complaining ban facebook pornhub community standards
canadian health system wonderful push cliff
mainstream media ignoring joe hunter biden shining trump npr msnbc cnn abc hollywood
fixed it wont scare assume identity peacekeeping device
apple 3500 augmented reality vs mushrooms lsd
adam schiff arrest person person burning rainbow flag not usa
nyc subway good samaritan indicted batman youre on own
biden get trump classified boxes

Checking In With the Media’s Go-To “Economist”

tweets national treasure cpi krugman food energy shelter used cars

To be fair to Krugman, food, energy, shelter, and transportation are all obviously non-essential luxuries. 🙄 And as I’ve blogged about, the media loves to hype a decrease in growth rate rather than absolute value. In other words, if something costs $100 in Year 1, $150 in Year 2, $175 in Year 3, and $200 in Year 4, they can show a downward sloping rate of inflation. Yippee! President Select Biden is a GENIUS!

republicans democrats rino uniparty burning usa money

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet reached point in life met enough people
tweet turns out corporation get support left declare loyalty state religion
tweet crazy 5am work out lie in pain

Quote of the Day

quote maxwell optimist pessimist leader adjust sails

Message of the Day

message cant suffer past future dont exist suffering memory imagination

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