06-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mothers day feast wine fathers day salisbury steak frozen
kid making up rules clean room dimension
dog crime police doberman cat whisker
modern seances zoom meetings are you there hear
politicians need more taxes celebrating cash duck
state npc privacy nothing to hide releasing government files
peoples republic of usa biden xi suppress social media dissent corruption indict opponent
joe biden ban fossil fuels cow farts volcano eruptions
biden bravest inspiring people ever ignoring police firefighters soldiers
happy pride month raytheon technologies mushroom cloud
babylon bee kim jong un ivy league learn brainwashing
tucker carlson more twitter views than biden votes midnight

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet left obsessed trump tax returns biden bribery
tweet mom old navy maternity shirt kale sobbing
tweet park service never push slowerfriend down bear run its course
tweet steps be good climate activist private jet davos poor rules

Quote of the Day

quote compassion for animals connected character

Message of the Day

message some not here to evolve show you what if dont

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