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It’s been 4+ years since Facebook and other social media were taken over by “nonpartisan” “fact” checkers, yet I’ve yet to see ONE SINGLE POST from a Democrat politician, liberal talking point, or leftwing meme. I thought they’d at least throw a few token fact checks on Democrats to at least argue their supposed nonpartisan independence, but if there are any such tokens, I still haven’t seen one. This despite the fact that Joe Biden tells whopping, easily-disproven lies in virtually every speech — some intentional and some the result of his dementia. For example, when he throws out fake economic numbers that can be contradicted with three seconds of research, wouldn’t that be a good time to fact check? After all, we don’t want “misinformation” to spread, right? But Big Tech, like mainstream media, doesn’t even try to hide their biases.

Any person with a hint of critical thinking ability knows these so-called fact checkers are nothing more than Democrat operatives trying to blunt truth that hurts their party or inject their talking points wherever possible. There is so much fake info on the web that the idea of having fact checkers sounds noble, but it should be limited to the obvious, indisputable, easily proven truths. For example, if a post claims Abraham Lincoln served in the U.S. Navy, that is obviously a fake, easily-disproven statement. Opinion should NEVER be fact-checked, even if it comes from so-called experts. This is especially true for anthing related to science or medicine. We’ve seen throughout history, most notably during Covid, that majority opinion is often dead wrong. In addition, try to find a single medical/science topic that gets 100 percent consensus, which is why the scientific method is a circle that never ends. During Covid, fact checkers & censors regularly enforced talking points as indisputable when they barely made it to the first circle of the first iteration of the scientific method.

And don’t even get me started on another favorite way of injecting DNC talking points — “Missing Context.” Give me a break! A “missing context” label could be put on 99 percent of mainstream media stories on anything Trump-related the past 8 years, where so-called journalists regularly use anonymous sources, clip quotes out of context, apply double-standard reporting, and almost never cover the other side. As for Democratic politicians, even when they take a break from outright lies to only tell distortions of the truth, again, have you ever seen ONE SINGLE POST EVER with a “missing context” label? For example, Obama and Biden love to brag they brought down government spending in their first year in office. However, each took office just after massive one-time emergency spending packages were pushed through — Obama, the Bush TARP bank bailout, and Biden, the Covid relief packages. The regular annual budgets of both increased by astronomical amounts, and neither had a single year where budgets decreased spending. So, when claims are made of decreasing spending in the first year, wouldn’t this be the ideal time to add a “missing context” disclaimer? Luckily, most rational, thinking people now know so-called fact checkers are all part of the same Ruling Class machine.

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