06-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me walking gym eye of tiger headphones
snowball gets even brings home another human
kermit animal miss piggy late husband pepperoni pizza
liberal co2 emissions london eating meat
colleges now free speech not comfortable now condemn hurt peoples feelings
liberals paying money dc getting less free stuff back
joe biden ukraine money 6.2 billion error
fast food social credit score 3 extra crickets sandwich
biden family flowchart laundering money
democrats lock out rfk anti war free speech lifelong liberal
joe biden 10 million bribe money irs see nothing waiter audited
kid want to learn taxes public school some men get periods

Do NOT Let America’s Josef Mengele Off the Hook

tweet rand paul ben hu patient zero tony fauci nih

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet men agreeing something stupid right
tweet demonic possession let someone else steer
tweet nothing wont do for child park little rain

Quote of the Day

quote freeman wearing unbranded clothes not poor family feed not community to impress

Message of the Day

message everything free is paid by someone who works

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