06-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit hacker have all passwords what are they
extra slices pizza kids nutrious salad heroes
huge flame grill wife 10 beers deep
new beginning stainless steel applicances gated community
every argument contain moral high ground raccoon trapped in bag
mainstream media no one above the law hunter slap wrist black rapper jailed
who to save migrants 250k rich people
pentagon adding up money send ukraine white board
politicians temporary government program
facebook know extremists libertarians guns
joe jill biden singing all in the family 10 percent
fbi following bidens instructions
babylon bee biden orders military shoot anyone calls usa banana republic
mainstream media hunter biden deal flexseal missing submarine

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet amazon returning items tipsy buy 2am
tweet gofundme neighbors roof hawaii construction
tweet light green honking waited one second

Quote of the Day

quote zola like books read cover introduction critics few know content

Message of the Day

message farmacy if food can go bad good for you if not bad for you

Flashback Reminder

tweet teachers unions sexism racism misogyny opening school

We all should know by now that most teachers unions, like the ACLU and the mainstream media, are all part of the same leftist machine. They use noble stated missions but ignore them completely in service to politics and power.

Tucker Unchained

Link: https://twitter.com/tuckercarlson/status/1672014260480901120?s=61

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