06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs bomb squad narcotics division
inigo montoya sign sale prepare to buy
professional tans truck driver farmer mechanic
sponge bob coming out of hole to shtpost disappear
babylon bee bud light win back customer base mullets cans
mainstream media bidens 10 million bribes pistachio mint chocolate chip
pride month everywhere tv ready for humility month
biden 6.2 billiion error ignore small business audit 600 transactions
explain in heaven died titanic 100 years after sank
liberal women cant have abortion in state dont live in
biden monopoly community chest 6.2 billion error get out of jail free
babylon bee taiwan wicking self for not bribing bidens
bill gates george soros go see titanic

The Most Corrupt Attorney General in History

Let’s remember this “moderate” Obama nominee was almost a Supreme Court justice for life, when several RINOs wanted him confirmed. Trump’s greatest accomplishment may still be keeping Hillary Clinton from nominating POS’s like him to fill three court vacancies.

merrick garland doj sweep hunter under the rug

Random Thoughts of the Day

its possible list immigration science free speech misdirected anger

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jp morgan accidentally deleted 47 million records
tweet first world poor iphone macbook bank account
tweet daughter crow bar end unsupervised play portion
congresswoman florida anna paulina schiff uniparty weaklings

Quote of the Day

quote machiavelli sign of intelligence awareness of own ignorance

Message of the Day

message only bs need life beach sunlight

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One thought on “06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Poor? That woman knows nothing about being poor.

    Cracked screen Obama phone, no functioning computer, govt horror-apartment (bedbugs & roaches), seasons where no money even for toilet paper….

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