06-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

fireman ladder golf clubs look for wife
baby yoda wish nicer person laugh continue day
price is right hitting age excited win appliance
ask doctor pages side effects for you
elon musk seeing mark zuckerberg change to large lizard cage match
trying figure out everyone claims not trust media government every big crisis
google why censorship is important george washington
biden unvaxxed foreigners illegal immigrants
gender police drop weapon middle school biology book
adam schiff liar censured congress
gavin newsom we love biden cheerleader
babylon bee historic first wnba player comes out as straight
musk zuckerberg ufc match boebert aoc mud wrestling
joe biden look at these distractions

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zelensky parties media elections dictator
tweet twist shout yoga 40s
tweet refuse believe men clitoris video game hit zone
tweet mount everest stenuous gallon ice cream

Quote of the Day

quote greatest contribution universe someone you raise

Message of the Day

message never convince me people dress trans like this want to be left alone

Definitely Was Putin’s Puppet 👍

bush georgia obama crimea biden ukraine trump putin

RINOs Remain Complicit in This Charade

biden trump most votes history dont have arrest political opponents

Another Day, Another Absurdity

ny post nyc wood fire stoves musk emissions

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