06-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cake plastic topper opening night
grogu why generation smart lawn darts clacker balls stupid ones
elon musk trainer rex quan do napolean dynamite
philosophy reality russell snake plisskin
company share profits workers losses too
child mining ev battery minerals weather half degree cooler retire
department education math reading scores plummeted gender pronouns right
conspiracy theorists deep state cameras watching each other
greta thunberg how dare you wood burning stove pizza
sign it has been 0 days since government msm lied to you
liberal overthrow government tanks jets jan 6th unarmed people
lgbtq ellison target put baby clothes back

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet wife grounded kids tv electronic devices
tweet need golf course just want drink and drive
tweet republican congress jan 6th irs agents trillions debt border

Quote of the Day

quotes tyson science consensus individual galilei

Message of the Day

message support side censors not progressive woke tyrant

How Long Must We Continue This Charade?

pride flag corporate logo omg so oppressed starter pack

Seriously, how many more years do we need an entire Pride Month? Are there any rights that are still denied the LGBTQ community? Are they absent from media, entertainment, or the corporate world? Is there anyone who really gives a shit if you’re LGBTQ nowadays as long as you’re not shoving your sexuality in their faces 24/7 or pushing it on their young children? As with the race baiters who keep division & hatred alive, there’s no need to keep acting like it’s the 1960s. Does that mean that racism and bigotry have been wiped out completely? Of course not, and it probably never will be, but in the modern world, it’s been isolated to a tiny sliver of society. On CNBC, supposedly a financial channel, they’ve been running segments every hour all month discussing stories of LGBTQ corporate execs, you know, because they’re so rare and isolated you can only find about 100,000 examples. I saw a social media post discussing the Matthew Shepard anti-gay hate crime. As bad as that incident was, I couldn’t help but think, “Really? These events are so rare you had to go back 25 years to find one?!” Even back then these were extremely isolated incidents. Nowadays, coming out doesn’t lead to “oppression.” If anything, being LGBTQ is considered “cool” in much of society, such as high school, college, and the entire entertainment industry. Enough already with the whining! This perpetual victimhood will never improve your lives or bring people together.

batman slap stand with ukraine were gay this month
message no such thing gay rights individual rights special favors from government society

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