06-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat journal tried catnip for first time all connected
what see use my driveway turn around gun underwear
stouffers identify as male lasagna family of four
biden other countries need help cash table americans
babylon been newsom ups new york pizza magnifying glass
desantis government agencies irs commerce energy irs dont give me hope
oprah merrick garland democracy fbi doj irs nsa
have 10 guns government takes left lied to commies
mainstream media wolf sheeps clothing deep state maga
sheet ukraine pride flag shots what to do next
telling me kids track trump finances but not bidens
babylon bee democrats devastated supreme court bans racism
liberal universities should accept more minorities too many asians

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kids awful better tomorrow full of sht
tweet reach adult balance stay awake asleep
reddit recipe made with love hatred line cooks

Quote of the Day

quote clarence thomas race based preferences fly face colorblind nation

We Warned You About This Deep State RINO

kevin mccarthy jan 6th footage broken promises

Message of the Day

message getting older eyesight weaker ability see bs gets better

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