07-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

usa 4th of july memes europeans
4th july door england removal
far side dog camera pool guy woman
gun theft cash irs still
communists liberals capitalism fascism dont know either means
joe biden 4th july made in china 10 percent the thing
homer shtpost before bed dumpster fire morning
parking lot every climate change conference full of planes
bigfoot tshirt i am more believable than 81 million biden votes
hunter biden audit irs arrests american handcuffs
liberals why cant you fascists do what government tells you

Expect This To Be Standard with EVERY Trump Media Appearance of 2024 Campaign

tweet foxnews wont allow trump on live tv

In a sane world, the most forceful advocates of free speech would be so-called journalists, but that’s not what we have in today’s despicable crop of corrupt media shills. Unrestrained free speech, especially from Trump, just means they can’t selectively edit to distort and paint whatever narrative they’re trying to push. Too much truth may get exposed. If you hear Trump’s entire statements you might *GASP* think for yourself and not think what you’re told to think!

mainstream media far right extremist opposing war supporting free speech
fauci biden schwab soros gates freedom speech threatens

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet libertarian 4th july gavin newsom stop covi fireworks
tweet 40 percent wife conversations talking to the dog
tweet place everything laundry bonfire backyard
tweet making new friends as adult dont want them

Message of the Day

message those bring you down dont know reason standing

Quote of the Day

quote plato price apathy ruled evil men

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