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Most Betrayed & Backstabbed President in U.S. History

Sessions, Barr, Bolton, Pence, Romney, Cheney, Scaramucci, and on and on. The list of people who have betrayed and backstabbed Donald Trump is seemingly endless. Certainly, Trump’s insults and abrasive personality don’t exactly win friends or heal relationships. And we know that politicians in general are the most cowardly, me-first, disloyal group of people in the world. We know they have been known to distance themselves from former allies who’ve become unpopular with the public. Still, the betrayals Trump has experienced go WAY BEYOND anything seen in our generation. These are full blown 180-degree turns from allies to political enemies, with said betrayers often completely abandoning their principles and their parties. Putting a senile authoritarian communist in the White House was just a minor inconvenience to them.

Trump was obviously a political novice when he took office, but I have no doubt he vetted the people who worked for him. He wouldn’t have picked people who would betray him at the first sign of trouble. And what is there really to gain? They’re not helping the party or themselves politically. Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Mike Pence, Liz Cheney, and others have permanently killed their chances of being elected to a higher office. Any politician who appoints them risks being branded an Establishment hack. So why do it? It doesn’t make sense.

I think there is something more at work here. Trump has made mortal enemies of the CIA, FBI, Big Tech, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Establishment fossils of both parties, and most of the federal government. They’ve done everything possible to destroy him. Maybe these backstabbers fear getting the same treatment? Or more likely, they’ve already dug up information to destroy each of the betrayers and are blackmailing them into compliance. If ways can’t be found to destroy your reputation & career, or bankrupt you financially, they simply have you arrested on trumped-up charges. Few can withstand that kind of relentless punishment.

What they don’t understand is that the attacks themselves are why Trump is surging in the polls again. Trump had a series of major gaffes in the 2016 campaign that would have destroyed almost any politician, but each resulting series of attacks came from the people who most Americans despise and are fed up with — Mainstream Media, Establishment politicians, Ruling Class snobs, Hollywood, and Deep State snakes in the federal government.

I once thought Trump was done politically, and I still favor guys like Ron DeSantis and Rand Paul, but the Ruling Class power brokers & their minions clearly have not learned from 2016. Trump can rise again because many Americans will see that if all these despicable slimes oppose him, then maybe he’s the right choice. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, or in this case, President.

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