07-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

spiderman point wife kids learn to swear
win lottery hints trailer park boys pay 100 to fck off
baby yoda pending payments take money begin to heal
hot weather boobs refrigerator
twitter what if less censorship zuckerberg threads more
drug sniffing dog returns from white house
constitution rules for government laws regulations government rules for us
sherlock hunter case of myseterious powder
joe biden magnificient destroyed constructon bidenomics
big pharma watching natural immunity heal you
fight democracy ukraine eat bugs climate change
joe biden lies women influence peddling granddaughter
ray epps only trump supporter democrats protect guess rhymes fed
us ministry of truth supreme court big fauci watching

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet socialist spanish minister private jet limo bike conference
tweet stanford taylor swift songwriting storytelling student debt 101
tweet government war on drugs cant keep elementary schools cocaine white house disarm
therapy open houses like elementary school meet
tweet think miss netherlands woman face diaper ukraine cnn cult

Quote of the Day

quote stay silent about problem keep peace zero percent change problem fixed

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson all drugs safe effective when making billions

Sometimes Headlines Tell You Everything You Need to Know

guardian headlines sound of freedom cuties
sound of freedom disney amazon netflix turned down

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