07-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu self checkout closed on break
introvert at party owners pet shaking hands office
green size texas gap trees golf
meme page admin enemies cia nsa fbi
air quotes dr evil foreign aid money laundering
call fact checked by real name censorship
democrats no evidence voter fraud trying to keep it that way cover up
time traveler 1990 rosanne barr madonna looks
joe biden mobster social media platform big government baseball bat
zuckerberg watching all hunter memes banned come true
lotr capitalist second breakfast communist starving
left right agree child trafficking end mainstream media hollywood
liberal personality disorder hate family life job my worldview trust
babylon bee fbi surveillance far right terrorist training planet fitness
judge free speech government social media censorship biden appeal

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet tiger king wish born biden
tweet charlies angels 2000 stop cellphones from tracking us
tweet follow the science experts mainstream media money misinformation truth
tweet millenials jobs education marriage kids fcked up economy

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson not civil rights hero begging state take freedoms away

Flashback Quotes of the Day

quote never forget kimmel lemon stern schwarzeneggar morgan simmons

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2 thoughts on “07-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Funny, the media and local AG’s never question why poll watchers and such were sent home or not allowed to see what was going on behind the closed off windows. You will never convince me that 2020 election was not fraught with outright cheating. From 5 swing states who all seemed to have shutout the election watchers (all at the same time of night) from the conservative side to the illegal changing of voting laws by judges and others who did not have the authority to do so. All those results are forever tainted. Those votes should have been thrown out.

    • Correct. In Nevada Democrat Governor called an emergency legislation session 1 month before 2020 election. By law, emergency legislation sessions are only suppose to happen for natural emergencies and only deal with natural emergencies. Also all legislation sessions are suppose to open to public. But Democrats controlled both Governor office and state legislation, so they just ignored the law, locked out public, locked out Republicans and locked out reporters.
      Then they changed the voting laws. Completely illegal. But when Democrats are in charge, laws mean nothing.

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