07-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

shots tequila party everyone else nephews birthday
baby yoda tall glass get over it straw to suck it up
how to calm angry woman period or something
eco friendly bug steak climate change
liberal consumption hurting planet nuclear putin defeated
kids born 60000 debt parents everything cant afford human right
disagree with woke liberals white supremacists
patrick sponge bob billionaires rule world companies government
journalist keyboards 2023 experts say antivax systematic racism lgbtq
kramer equal rights for all lgbtq you must wear the ribbon
office whiteboard by not telling whose cocaine it is telling us

Nooo!!!! How Will We Ever Survive?!! If Only Movie-Making Technology Existed Outside of Hollywood. 🤔

Actors Union Goes On Strike, Shutting Down Hollywood

jim carrey great idea for socialists actors union redistribute wealthy to struggling actors

At Least They Didn’t Charge Him Under His Real Name 😉

tweet breaking doj pressing charges ray epps

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet media virus end of world groupthink fearmongering
tweet meta threats cnbc doesnt need negativity news politics censor
tweet read book movie better to annoy
tweet parents kid money make didnt have kids rich
tweet free speech country trouble speak truth attacked

Quote of the Day

quote aurelius can also commit treason by doing nothing

Message of the Day

message government boot throat left right no consequence

Vocabulary Lesson the Day

tweet zuby woke translation 2023 glossary racist white supremacist far right

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