07-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

construction new on job more experienced taking under wing
dont dare roll eyes at me bowling ball
video games fantasies sims job and house
conservative think for yourself liberal npc source
crack houses so much fancier than 90s white house
angry liberal paid 60000 year university lied to yes
freedom speech press white house collusion big tech right
people in jail victimless crime weed gun meanwhile at white house scarface
threads mark trojan hour things hate two years
sign liberals stand with media anyone disagrees dangerous extremist
spend years mocked friends family cognitive dissonance hear no bell randy marsh
hollywood actors strike stop no wonka
why did blm antifa disappear they stopped getting paid to show up
biden addictive drug white house abuse power doj coverups

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hollywood on strike nobody gives a sht
tweet climate crisis nutshell hot cold rain no rain snow
tweet kotzin government censorship freedom of speech
tweet zuckerberg copies snapchat tiktok twitter facebook musk
tweet sesame street homeless puppet oscar grouch

Quote of the Day

quote actions prove who is words pretend to be

Message of the Day

message what believe is true taught never looked further

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4 thoughts on “07-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. If the Hollywood strike lasts for very long we might all have to start reading again. Won’t hurt us…..

  2. Haven’t been to the movies in near 10 years.

    Haven’t had network television in my house in 25.

    Only reason I’ve ever subscribed to a newspaper was because my wife got a lot more value out of the coupons than the newspaper cost.

    If you choose this path, assuming you’re not already on it, be aware that the circle of people that you care to be around it’s going to shrink, and a lot of encounters with people will make you feel like a interplanetary traveler.

    • Your last paragraph hits home. Then again, in our circle I can’t think of anyone under the age of 55. TV isn’t a ‘big thing’.

      From memory it was in ’73 or ’74, a local movie house had a Sunday evening special triple feature, for 50¢. Had to go. “A Fist Full Of Dollars”, “A Few Dollars More” and “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. We both had to be at work at 0800 Monday morning. We made it. That’s it for movie going since 1970 when I came to the US.

      A couple of years later bought a tape player. First movie, “Blazing Saddles”. The second, “McClintock”. From reviews and comments I read, Hollywood just isn’t making entertaining movies any more. (And country and western music went ‘uptown’ at about the same time.)

      Newspapers? We have a local weekly. I think they’ve pushed the price up to 60¢. They have a PDF version on line, no charge.

      Books? I haunt thrift stores. Never know what I’ll find next. Several years ago I ran into several books on quilting. Bought them, 69¢ each. We don’t ‘do’ quilting. Read them, then passed them along as birthday and Christmas gifts to friends who are serious quilters. (Annual competition in town, lap size quilts. They’re hung on the city park fence and voted on by the public, including the tourists. Then they’re all sent to the nearest VA hospital.)

      Your comment got me to thinking back over a bunch of decades. Thank you.

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