07-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda beginning think wheels on bus dont go round and round
muppets beaker breaking bad remake needed
old person switch fast lane 50mph devil
kermit tip of day make sure phone hung up call person ahole
response media coordinated attack on to something
mike pence i need your vote not my concern
constitution got the back 1st amendment 2nd
joe biden missing brain wanted poster
start suspect no coincidence everything more government power less individual autonomy
peter spiderman support wga strike no new movies
smoky bandit joe hunter biden found coke daddy
babylon bee study ipas enjoying eating soap as child
facebook arm band not job fact check posts not publisher
hollywood spirit of halloween sign

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet nothing drive me murderous rage 30 minutes on hold reminder use website
tweet climbs mount everest excuse legs hurt
tweet what causes poverty starting prosperity

Quote of the Day

quote confuscius great man hard on himself small on others

Message of the Day

message elected legislature trample mans rights easily as king can

But, But, Trump Will Get Us Into World War III!!!

Biden authorizes Pentagon to deploy 3K reserve troops to Europe in response to Ukraine war

michelle barack obama know about money laundering biolabs
lindsey graham love war sabre rattle
homeless vet biden 10 percent low on ammo ukraine
leaders cancelled elections stalin mao saddam zelensky

For 5 years the Left constantly whined of Trump being compromised by foreign leaders and how he might get us into World War III, yet they don’t see the least bit of a problem with the actions of the Biden administration. I’m fast moving into a constant state of eyeroll from the endless hypocrisy and gaslighting. 🙄

not one drop blood ukraine cover traitors crimes

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4 thoughts on “07-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. on the Patriot meme, It should be selected not elected, because most of our representatives are selected, not elected.

    • It matters not if you select or elect unqualified leaders.

      God spelled out quite clearly the qualification of a leader of a people living under His Law.

      When people follow God’s Law, they prosper when they don’t they are destroyed.

      America is clearly in the last stages of that destruction and for that very reason.

      Proverbs 8:36
      “But he that sinneth against Me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate Me love death.“

  2. “Legs won’t hurt” meme is a great example of today’s society, often clueless but trying to be witty. Not thinking deeply.

    Yes the legs will hurt… above the amputations.

    And so will other muscle groups being used to make up for the lacking calves & shins.

  3. On the Facebook meme, when they and other social platforms claim to be like the town square, they should not be allowed to edit,censor or delete any post. In a town square, people say a lot of things that a person may or may not agree with. No one is forcing anybody to listen or read/see the speaker.If you don’t like it, turn it off. When they( social media) do that, they should be held liable and get sued. I think that these companies who didn’t allow post/information on vaccines and such that they deleted and disparaged/defamed the posters should be held to account. Sue the hell out of them — owners,employees and the whole lot. None of this “I was just following orders” crap. And make it retro-active.
    The words, mis or dis- information, hate speech and such are what dictators and fascist use to justify censorship. No other opinions allowed.

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