07-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wife calendar no plans added
peta sticker im an ahole i wear fur cat
how hospitals calculate medical bills adding up
jason aldean people complaining song drying eyes cash
build back better 2023 shoe hole spray paint
evolution angry liberal elizabeth warren
venn diagram putin ukraine nato us libertarians
trying to find racism aldean song
klaus schwab think still running things joe biden
protestoes sitting in road how change the world
increase taxes rich companies raise prices liberal capitalism blame
bud light aldean canceling small towns what country

Use Your Power!

Whether or not you think your vote has any power, one way the Ruling Class can’t control (yet) is how we spend our money & time. Bud Light felt the pain of boycotts disproportionally since light beers are interchangeable, but conservatives & libertarians really need to use their power against other companies that more richly deserve it; for example, Disney, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Google, Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, and so on. I realize that many of these companies are intregal to our lives, but there are alternatives to all of these. Anything that can dent their sales will send a message that all their divisive woke garbage, pedo promotion, censorship, and curtailing of our freedoms will not be tolerated. Our power has been clearly demonstrated. Let’s really use it!

office whiteboard left boycotted song number 1 right bud light aldean

Anti-woke marketplace PublicSq. to begin trading on NYSE

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet rand paul office burned day after fauci investigation
tweet responsible just not leave kids with
tweet parenting book kids listen scream like mother
tweet boss sobbing at my funeral understaffed today
tweet hangovers 20s 30s 40s bloody mary funeral arrangements

Question of the Day

question arent allowed white house coke scotus leaker epstein j6 bomber

Quote of the Day

quote kundera unlearned liberty unfree

Message of the Day

message one random act of kindness per day change 365 lives

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