07-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog cat pet thoughts ball kill them in sleep
manager ikea retiring sent cake
red painting liberal computer art imagination creativity
ryan gosling barbie ken liability cornerback remember titans
me ignoring comment pronouns in bio
hispanics calling them slur vs latinx
stalin soviet union concentration camps genocides
born fox feel like chicken let in hen house
experts score chalkboard conspiracy theorists
liberal npc if not state version american history wont trust government
kamala harris diet love handles smudge no ears
biden corruption bear garland hunting investigators
how much attention need all lgbtq rainbow
babylon bee pay gap soccer shocking paid play
mostly peaceful fiery big city cnn try small town racist

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet oreo cookies serving size 2 offended shaking
tweet paid off car credit score down real system
tweet arguing husband stepped lego universe owe

Never Forget

tweet covid survey democrats totalitarian ideology

Quote of the Day

quote rousseau falsification history impede development

Message of the Day

message mccarthy graham mcconnell not weak spineless corrupt

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2 thoughts on “07-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. If Twitter has been renamed to X, will messages still be called tweets?

    The credit score dropping 35 points after she paid off her car is funny, after I paid off my house, one of my scores dropped 52 points. No big deal, my scores are still exceptional.

    You’ll pay a lot higher insurance rate if you don’t have a credit score. – Dave Ramsey

  2. On that 2022 poll-

    If the prediction of what 2024 will bring to those who took the clot shot comes to pass, that problem is gona solve itself.

    Remember, the bulk of the Republicans were right in there with them.

    And don’t forget the police enforced it, and ultimately, they are the ones that made it all possible.

    You cannot have a police state without police who go along with it and are willing to imprison or kill those who don’t.

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