07-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

win lottery help family wear scream costume collect
day drinking tacos joyce food
woman unrealistic body guys hit gym sword
go to work ape dont have money
probably thinking girl on plane bed
biden son bribeonomics insert money slot
morning propaganda government psyop data harvesting facebook google big tech
communists poverty propaganda literacy rates healthcare
nina turner shoveling opinions internet help racism
worry run out of conspiracy memes remember world live in
biden bribes media democrats plugging ears
china pledge climate john kerry

Rising Seas from Climate Change Will Kill Us All!!!!!!! 😱

obamas pelosi bill gates beachfront property seas rising

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mister rogers change neighborhood terrors disassociation
tweet rage against machine probably printer
tweet hearing loud noise small child sht

Quote of the Day

quote fournier who taught so many young people hate usa

Message of the Day

message guns hands of public tragedies without genocides

They Really Do Live in Another World

reminder just few lies liberals believe mainstream media

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2 thoughts on “07-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Who taught so many to hate America? The government monopoly day prison system (aka da skoolz) did. And better yet, they did it with monies STOLEN FROM YOU, not earned through voluntary exchange of services that you wanted or monies you freely and happily donated. Oh, and they didn’t really do a good job teaching the kids anything useful in the process either.

  2. I use to joke with my coworkers that if I ever win a really large lottery, I’m going to write out a million dollar check for each and every person in our department… then I’m going to call the bank and stop payment on them.

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